All recipes for Food from our homeland

MCCSA Food From Our Homeland project gave senior South Australian cooks from CALD backgrounds a chance to share favourite dishes from their homeland.

Our cooking demonstrators came from Russia, Venezuela, Philippines, Latvia, Armenia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Korea, Greece and Iran. They ranged in age from 50 to 74 years old. While some had lived in Australia for decades others were newer arrivals. Some classes were held in English and some used interpreters. Some cooks were experienced cooks, who had worked in the hospitality industry or teaching, whereas other cooks had never worked from a written recipe, ever taught before or ever done public speaking.

This was truly an intergenerational inclusive project with our cook participants ranging from young children to participants in their eighties. Men and women joined in as did people with disabilities. Videos of the cooking sessions and interviews are now available on our website.

Lena Gasparyan preparing Armenian Qrchik soup

Lena Gasparyan preparing Armenian Pasuts Tolma (Lenten)

Lena Gasparyan – Fermenting a Cabbage

Ukash Ali Ahmed preparing A Somali Dinner: Lamb Curry, Bean Curry, Somali Rice, Salad and Chilli Condiment

Maggie Asaad preparing Egyptian Lentil Soup

Isabella Bracco preparing Polenta con Salsiccia

Karina Sader preparing Lebanese potato Kubby

Florine Fernandes preparing Dal Makhani with Jeera Rice

Mrs Lilit Petrosyan from Armenia preparing Urfa Kololak – Recipe for Urfa Kololak

Mrs Lilit Petrosyan from Armenia preparing Gata – Recipe for Armenian Gata

Gloria Cisneros de Pares – Preparing Quesillo + Arepas – Recipe for Quesillo & Arepas

Mr Nikolay Kalistratov – Preparing Salmon and Spinach Pirog – Recipe for Salmon and Spinach Pirog

Miriam Cocking preparing Arroz Caldo – Recipe for Arroz Caldo

Ulla Gicasvilli preparing Piragi – Recipe for Piragi

Shohreh Entesari-tatafi preparing Adasi – Recipe for Adasi

Shohreh Entesari-tatafi baking Sultana Cookies – Recipe for Sultana cookies

Mrs Henny Alianto Kadarwsman preparing Nasi Goreng & Satay Ayam –Recipe for Nasi Goreng & Satay Ayam

Mr Ints Pukitis from Latvia prepares Salt Sticks (Sālsstandziņas) – Recipe for Sals Standzinas

Anastasia Volis preparing Spanakopita – Recipe for Spanakopita

Clair Ross preparing Korean dish Bulgogi & Kimbap – Recipe for Bulgogi & Kimbap

Akhter Ramon preparing Bengali Eggplant Dahl Curry – Recipe for Eggplant Dahl Curry