Multicultural Communities Council of SA Board 2018-19

MCCSA is governed by a Board with representatives elected from our membership for a two year term. The Board is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the organisation as set out in the Constitution.

The MCCSA Board will elect its Executive at the next Board meeting following the AGM.


Chairperson: Miriam Cocking
Miriam was a school teacher before arriving in SA in 1981.  Miriam has been associated with the MCCSA since 1983 and has been the Chairperson since 2015.

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Deputy Chairperson: Dr Ian Harmstorf OAM
Born and raised in Adelaide, Ian is a third-generation German after his grandfather migrated to Australia in October 1882. He however moved to Germany between 1960 and 1967 as he felt he ‘did not fit in’ by the local community; he did not feel comfortable with his German name as he was a target for abuse as during his school days Australia was at war with Germany.

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Treasurer: Silvio Iadarola
Silvio, who was just 7 years old when he arrived in Australia from Campania, Italy, says mainstream Australia is now a blend of cultures as we are all migrants.

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Board Members

Lenard Sciancalepore
A lover of travel and exploring new cultures, Lenard Sciancalepore is studying a Bachelor of Languages and a Bachelor of International Development at The University of Adelaide to better appreciate global diversity of the world we live in, and make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

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Malgorzata (Gosia) Skalban OAM
A Polish migrant who arrived in Australia in 1968, Gosia has spent many years offering her experience and skills in multicultural community work, specifically within the aged care industry.

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Rajendra Pandey
Arriving in Australia in 2012 as a skilled migrant, Rajendra Pandey instantly got busy volunteering with St John Ambulance and local council.

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Nasir Hussain
Contributing to society is what Nasir Hussain is committed to doing. Making Australia his new homeland in 2007, he is also volunteering as the President of the Muslim Australian Connections of SA (MACSA) and has been the Secretary with the Pakistani Australian Association of SA.

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Eduardo Donoso
Born and raised in Chile, South America, Eduardo Donoso migrated to Australia in the 80’s under the Australian – UN Humanitarian Program as a Political Refugee and spent his early years in Whyalla – Upper Spencer Gulf.

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Patrizia Kadis
Having a nursing, events management and aged care background for over 30 years has given Patrizia insight into what diverse communities need for cultural and language appropriate services.

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CEO: Helena Kyriazopoulos
+61 08 8345 5266

Administration Assistant: June Lee
+61 08 8345 5266

Manager, Strategy and Projects: Kristin Johansson
+61 08 8345 5266

Manager, Programs: Julie Hoare
+61 08 8345 5266

Manager, Multicultural Community Connections Program – Vicky Arachi
+61 08 8345 5266

Finance Officer: Ling Giang
+61 08 8345 5266

Transport & Communications: Sidique Bah JP
+61 08 8345 5266

Community Visitor Scheme: Isabella Bracco
+61 08 8345 5266

Disability Projects Coordinator: Hanaa Grave
+61 08 8345 5266

Project Officer MCCSA – Sisaleo Philavong
+61 08 8345 5266

Successful Communities: Somi Lindsay
+61 08 8345 5266

Reconnect: Savry Ouk JP
+61 08 8345 5266

Project Officer, Youth Engagement – UKASH AHMED
+61 08 8345 5266

Project Officer – Lena Gasparyan JP
+61 08 8345 5266

Project Officer – Victoria Tairli
+61 08 8345 5266

Transport Support: Ljubo Alympic
+61 08 8345 5266

MCCSA Life Members

For over ten years of dedicated service to the multicultural communities of South Australia

1. Randolph Alwis AM
2. Bruno Krumins AM
3. Michael Schultz
4. Ron Tan OAM
5. Dr Antonia Cochiaro AM
6. Dr Ian Harmstoff OAM
7. Mrs Sofia Kanas OAM
8. Miriam Cocking
9. Maria Dnistrjanski
10. Jurek Dnistrjanski
11. Milinko Rakich

MCCSA Volunteers

MCCSA has a strong pool of volunteers who make a huge contribution to the multicultural sector. MCCSA would not be able to deliver the services and programs which it does without the generous assistance of our volunteers. Our volunteers at present include bus drivers, community visitors, human resource volunteers, an events volunteer, project support and general administration.

Volunteers also participate in our active ageing art sessions for older people and assist with our community events such as MCCSA’s Harmony Day Picnic and SALA.

Our volunteers range from teenagers to people in their late seventies and come from a wide range of nationalities as well as Australian born volunteers.

Our active program of volunteer placements also aims to help CALD people develop Australian employment skills and increase their chance of gaining employment and moving out of poverty.

If you are interested in working with MCCSA download our MCCSA Volunteer Form and either email it to or post to 113 Gilbert Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Student Placement at MCCSA

MCCSA has a policy of supporting students gain an understanding of the culturally and linguistically diverse sector in South Australia. We also support student placements for students from a CALD background as part of a commitment to wider public welfare and to help CALD people develop Australian employment skills and increase their chance of gaining employment and moving out of poverty.

If you are interested in a student placement please email your expression of interest to or call Kristin Johansson on 8213 4603.