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EnCOMPASS Multicultural Aged Care Connectors

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The EnCOMPASS: Multicultural Aged Care Connector program in partnership with FECCA, aims to provide navigational support to older people of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds and their communities to access the aged care system and other supports.

EnCOMPASS is across all States and Territories in Australia with many auspices.

In South Australia, MCCSA is serving in across East South and West metropolitan areas..

The EnCOMPASS connectors assists elderly people who may have language and technologic barriers:

  • Providing access to My Aged Care;
  • Building capacity of CALD older people, their loved ones and communities on ageing and to engage with the aged care system and to link with the appropriate organisations.

The languages we’re focused in are Italian, Greek, Mandarin and Cantonese, but we can also assist people from other languages with the help of interpreters.

EnCOMPASS navigators deliver also a series of community development activities to build the knowledge and ability of their community in ageing, aged care and to support their seniors. This work of dissemination also takes place through Social media and, above all, through Multicultural and Community Radios, essential tools to disseminate widely.

The outcomes of the program are: 

  • To improve understanding of the challenges faced by seniors from CALD backgrounds, their families and carers when navigating ageing and the aged care system;
  • To develop solutions to address the challenges and barriers faced by older people from CALD backgrounds when navigating the aged care system;
  • Empower and support people from CALD backgrounds through their engagement with the My Aged Care call centre and website;
  • Provide a greater understanding to people from CALD backgrounds of ageing, the aged care system and the supports that are available to them;
  • Increase the number of people from CALD backgrounds who access appropriate aged care services and supports which meet their needs.

The ENCOMPASS program is funded by the Department of Healthand Aged Care. .

If you need any assistance, call MCCSA 08 8345 5266 and ask for Luis, Stefano, Florencia, Abby or Victoria

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