Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement – Success Through Sport

MCCSA creates safe and inclusive soccer programs that harness young people’s love of soccer to connect them to broader life opportunities and support.
We deliver a range of soccer sessions each week from sites in Kilburn, Parafield Gardens and the Adelaide Secondary School of English, including girls only sessions. We partner this with a range of workshops run in partnership with local youth services – in areas such as career pathways, mental health and goal setting etc. We work to secure volunteering opportunities for participants and also support leadership by mentoring participants around starting and managing their own community based sport initiatives.

Expected outcomes:
• Enhanced social integration/cohesion for disadvantaged CALD youth in targeted regions
• Significant decrease in anti-social behaviors and negative peer influence.
• The volunteering initiatives will help participants with gaining the necessary skills and knowledge to better their chances of getting employed in their preferred industry.
• The sports and fitness initiatives will improve their health and wellbeing.
• Leadership and mentoring training will build their capacity to run similar programs in their respective communities
• The project will create a sense of value and belongings for the target groups
• Breach social barriers and access to local youth services through onsite workshops, connections, referrals and access to supports.

For further information about this program please contact Ukash Ali Ahmed on 8213 4612.

Youth Engagement – Social Inclusion

MCCSA is working with youth at risk to build solid foundations for their future. We are running two programs, one in Woodville and one in Elizabeth that are focused on youth led initiatives to community inclusion and participation. Groups of around 15 to 20 young people are working together to drive their own success, as they engage with music, digital technologies, and creative outlets as well as youth agencies, employment services, and legal support.

This program:
• Provides a positive and safe space for vulnerable YP to engage with one another and develop positive trusting peer and role model relationships
• Actively develops and upskills participants in a range of personal development areas – communication skills, problem solving, goal setting.
• Builds a cohort of ‘leaders’ prepared to continue positive engagement activities after funding period
• Involves participants being engaged in driving direction of program
• Creates strong positive social connections within the cohort developing trust and broader community connections beyond the project timeline

During the program MCCSA will also conduct community consultations with community leaders, parents and the young people themselves to increase community awareness around issues and solutions to improve outcomes for these at risk cohort of young people.

For further information about this program please contact Ukash Ali Ahmed on 8213 4612.

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