Youth Engagement

MCCSA Youth Engagement Program

Our Youth Engagement work is proudly sponsored by the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group . This sponsorship enables us to deliver a range of youth led activities that supports social cohesion and builds a range of opportunities for disadvantaged young people:

MCCSA creates safe and inclusive soccer programs that harness young people’s love of soccer to connect them to broader life opportunities and support.

Social soccer sessions

We hold weekly indoor soccer program for Young men in Kilburn. These sessions improve both social and health wellbeing, develop volunteering, leadership and mentoring skills. These sessions are conducted every Monday from 4 to 7pm.

Girls only soccer

Multicultural Girls only soccer sessions are held every Sunday at St Clair and Adelaide high grounds. We support young women to participate in social soccer and build their confidence and skills to engage with a wider range of club and community opportunities to develop their game.

Drop in Hip Hop sessions

Every Tuesday afternoon young people meet at Northern Sound System, Elizabeth to record music, share inspiration and develop positive peer networks based around this shared interest

Homework support

Supported by the City of Charles Sturt, young people from multicultural backgrounds of all ages can access homework support from Brocas house in Woodville.

Youth Drop in

Every Thursday MCCSA creates a positive and safe space for multicultural young people to engage with one another and develop positive trusting peer and role model relationships at Brocas House, Woodville. This work actively develops and upskills participants in a range of personal development areas – communication skills, problem solving, and goal setting. Participants are actively engaged in driving the programs and activities offers – which involves everything from crafts to job readiness

MCCSA would like to acknowledge and thanks the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group for their sponsorship of this work.

We thank the City of Charles Sturt for their ongoing support and partnership in delivering outcomes for young people in the West and the City of Playford for support in delivering outcome for young people in the North.

For further information around any of these MCCSA youth programs and activities please contact Ukash on