Speak My Language

CALD and Indigenous communities talking about living well with a disability in Australia

MCCSA is partnering with the Ethnic Communities’ Council of New South Wales (ECCNSW) on implementing the ‘Speak My Language – Living Well with a Disability in Australia’ program in South Australia.

Speak My Language (SML) involves CaLD and Indigenous Australians with disabilities, and their supporters, sharing real stories and real experiences through podcasts, broadcast media and other online platforms. The stories will provide practical tips on utilising personal skills and talents, along with community resources and networks, in order to live well with disability – at home, in the community, and at work or school.

The content will be delivered in over 25 community languages and will be culturally appropriate because the content will be generated from within cultural and linguistic communities, and from within Aboriginal communities.

For general information go to the SML website or email info@speakmylanguage.com.au.

Speak My Language Information Brochure

If you are based in SA and would like to get involved in the project to either tell your story or to be a guest speaker, contact: Hanaa Grave, Disability Programs Coordinator, E: hanaa.grave@mccsa.org.au | P: (08) 8213 4611



Do you speak a language other than English and would like to share your story of how you live well with disability? Let’s talk about life – working, studying, shopping, travel, hobbies, friends…let’s talk about living well!  Tell Your Story Easy English


Do you speak a language other than English and have something to share about finding inclusive places, activities and opportunities? We want to know about anything and everything in inclusive multicultural Australia. Guest Speaker info

If you would like to learn more about Speak My Language and get involved, contact: Hanaa Grave, Disability Programs Coordinator, E: hanaa.grave@mccsa.org.au | P: (08) 8213 4611

For information about SML in another State or Territory, contact one of the National SML Partners:

  • Ethnic Communities Council of NSW – ECCNSW
  • Ethnic Communities Council VIC – ECCV
  • Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland – ECCQ
  • Ethnic Communities Council of Western Australia – ECCWA
  • Multicultural Council of the Northern Territory – MCNT
  • Multicultural Council of Tasmania – MCOT

This project is funded under the Australian Government’s Information Linkages and Capacity Building program.