Transport Service

“Going Places” – Community Driven Transport

We are seeking flexible, dedicated volunteers to drive our community buses!

Don’t worry if you’re hesitant about driving the bus – we offer a test drive around the city to ensure you feel comfortable before committing. Our small buses are more like big vans, so all you need is a regular driver’s license, a good driving record, and a positive attitude!


“Going Places” – Community Driven Transport, is MCCSA’s longest running activity (established in 1987) and is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the community.

The service:

    • increases mobility
    • reduces isolation
    • improves community connections and the sharing of information among community members.

This all goes toward keeping the community strong and vibrant.

MCCSA has been fortunate in the past to receive generous government funding to operate our community transport service. Unfortunately, this funding has been redirected and MCCSA has been supporting the service financially since July 2022 to keep this vitally important community service operating.

Going forward, the service is being remodelled in order to remain viable. This means that fees will be increasing for the first time in many years. The service has many advantages for community groups over commercially available hire services or taxi services. The most important factor however, is that MCCSA’s service is community focused and not-for-profit: we all want a stronger, healthier and more vibrant community.

Our buses

Up to 4 buses can be booked depending on availability. Three buses can accommodate 11 passengers and a driver. One bus has a single wheelchair lift and can accommodate up to 10 passengers and a driver. All have space for a small amount of luggage.

An MCCSA volunteer driver will accompany your group for the day or you can engage a member of your group as a driver (must be registered with MCCSA). In either case, your driver will remain focused on your groups’ needs and responsive to any minor ad-hoc needs on the day. Using community transport is also more cost effective, simpler and safer than using commercial bus hire.

Transport Booking

The service operates on a first come, first serve basis so, especially for those busy times of year we encourage you to book as early as possible.

If you would like to enquire about buses for your next event or join our team of volunteer drivers, please email Geoffrey at [email protected] or phone 82134609