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In support of our core aims of empowering individuals and supporting and strengthening community engagement and growth, MCCSA provides training and development services in cultural intelligence (CQ) and cultural competence.  

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
The Personal

An individual’s ability to understand their own and other cultures and to interact and work fairly and effectively in all situations characterized by cultural diversity.

Cultural Competence 
The Organisational

An organisation’s ability to ensure inclusive, equitable, and effective provision of services and products relies on culturally intelligent individuals. Simultaneously, it aims to foster a workplace where all employees are respected, included, and provided with equal opportunities to grow and contribute to organisational success.

Our Training Approach

Our training approach is based on the philosophy of interculturalism, which recognises that culturally informed and respectful dialogue is essential to positive intercultural relationships and the functioning of democracy in a multicultural society. Interculturalism is not a policy or an ideology; it is a mindset that recognises our common humanity as well as the diversity of views and practices of the many cultures that constitute Australian society.

In this spirit, our interactive workshops facilitate open, safe, non-political and non-judgemental conversations as we explore, discuss and understand our relationships with clients and co-workers from all cultural backgrounds.  Our professionally trained facilitators bring their lived experiences to the workshops. Knowing that developing cultural intelligence is a lifelong learning process, they respect and build on participants’ existing intercultural experiences and skills.

Training Services

Our half-day and full day training workshops can be delivered at your venue or at our Multicultural Hub city premises. All workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation or specialised topics such as working with newly emerging communities, special needs groups, culturally diverse volunteers and job seekers.

Depending on demand, we also provide public access workshops open to all interested individuals.

Consultancy Services

  • Organisational training needs analysis
  • Conducting surveys and community consultations
  • Advising on program, product and project design
  • Designing training resources

These services assist organisations to create, manage and sustain their own cultural intelligence and cultural development programs and projects for specific groups and purposes. We draw on our decades of supporting communities and the extensive intercultural resources represented across our membership of 125 ethnic community associations.

Developing Your Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Developing our cultural Intelligence (CQ), like our Emotional Intelligence (EQ), enables us to better understand ourselves and others and to work together as respectful equals. Our cultural Intelligence workshops are designed for people at all levels who work in situations characterised by cultural and linguistic diversity.

Working With Interpreters and Translators (Coming Soon!)

This 2- to 3-hour workshop presents the best practice principles and processes for working with professional and non-professional interpreters (spoken language communication) and translators (written language communication). The processes and techniques of both activities are demonstrated through case studies and interactive exercises.

Developing Organisational Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence refers to the ability of an organisation and its employees to provide services and products in ways that recognise and are inclusive of the cultural differences of clients, customers and colleagues.  Our cultural competence workshops are designed for people who are responsible for the management or coordination of organisational efforts.

Because the cultural intelligence of managers and staff is a critical enabler of cultural competence, their participation in these workshops is ideally preceded by completion of either of the two Developing Your Cultural Intelligence workshops. 

We also strongly recommend that our client organisations conduct a preliminary cultural competence assessment using freely available tools. We can assist with this process.