MCCSA celebrated their 45 years of service to CALD communities at the Migration Museum on Sunday 29th h of September 2019. Themed ‘45 Years Strong and 70 years of Tradition’ the event was attended by the Hon Jing lee, Assisting Minister to the premier and the Hon Irene Pnevmatikos MLC representing the leader of the opposition, community leaders and a host of executives from service provider organizations.

In her remarks the Hon Jing Lee commended the MCCSA for their continuing support to South Australia’s multicultural community over all these years and acknowledges the important role volunteers have played over the years in strengthening our CALD communities.



MCCSA Vice chairperson and Board Member Ian Harmstorf shared a brief history of the formation of the MCCSA which dates back to the establishing of the Good Neighbor Council (GNC) in 1949. Ian said due to the increasing number of people migrating to Australia in the late forties and their changing needs it was considered that a new approach was necessary. This he said led to the formation of the Ethnic Communities Council (ECC) of South Australia and in 1974. “Five years later the United Ethnic Communities of South Australia was established and this duopoly was to continue until August 1995 when the merger of these two Councils led to the formation of the Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia as we know it today” said Ian.

A Certificate congratulating the MCCSA on behalf of the Hon Steven Marshall MP, Premier of South Australia was presented to the MCCSA by The Hon Jing Lee. The certificate thanks MCCSA board and staff for their support and advocacy for all people form culturally and linguistically diverse background.

Helena Kyriazopoulos, CEO of MCCSA said it was a big day for MCCSA to celebrate with community and acknowledged all the hard work of our past leaders who have contributed immensely to forging our multicultural journey as a nation over the past decades of history.

About 200 people comprising community leaders, government representatives and service providers were in attendance. After formalities guest were told o to hang around for refreshment and networking.