MCCSA hosted a Mental Health Awareness session “Finding a Common Ground’ with Men from CALD background on Wednesday 16 October 2019 at 113 Gilbert Street 6 pm.

As the peak multicultural body in South Australia, we reached out to men from our member organizations for a safe and confidential conversation about Mental Health with local health professionals from our member communities who will relate to some of the challenges faced by men from CALD backgrounds.



Guest speakers for the event were Kinmarshal Takayidza from the Nokutenda Foundation and Nasir Hussain from Pakistani Australian Connections of SA.

The aim of the talks was to;
• Help raise awareness about mental health
• address the stigma associated with mental health and
• normalize the conversation around mental health

Kin from Nokutenda Foundation whose background includes experience in the United Kingdom with roles in mental health nursing management talked about Metabolic Health Syndrome in relation to Mental Health Specific issues.

Nasir Hussain founder and president of Pakistani Australian Connections of South Australia (PACSA) talked about available services and app that can be accessed to help dealing with mental health.


After the presentation attendees discuss various questions prepared by event organizers and there was a unanimous approval for the continuation of the men group session addressing different topics that may be of interest.

MCCSA would like to thank those who attended the event. The attendance was very diverse ranging from representatives from the Sierra Leone Men’s group (Kabudu), Fullah friends SA, Nokutenda Disability Foundation, Relationship Australia PEACE, Ivorian community SA, Somalian Community SA, The Pacific Island Council of SA, and the Pakistan Australian Connection of SA.