The MCCSA hosted a Men’s Health Week last night as part of Men’s Health Week 2019 at 113 Gilbert Street. The turnout was great and we would like to give a big thank you to our Guest Speaker Professor Gary Wittert for his splendid presentation about men’s health and valuable advice on how to improve on our lifestyle in order to live longer and healthier.

Recent research has shown that Men in Australia die six years younger than women on average and the current gap in male and female life expectancy is 4.1 years with a boy born in Australia in 2013–2015 expected to live to the age of 80.4 years, while a girl can expect to live to 84.5. 1.

Considering we are in a society where things are moving so fast that we easily forget to look after ourselves, it was an opportunity for men from different cultural background to get together and talk about their health. As the peak multicultural body in South Australia we thought it fit to engage with the men from our member organsiations and observe Men’s Health week together.






At the end of the session lots of questions were asked around mental health, parenting challenges and accessing care, demonstrating a need for more dialogue about men’s health for men from multicultural communities.

MCCSA would like to thank those who attended the event. The attendance was very diverse ranging from representatives from the Serbian Seniors association, Sierra Leone Men’s group (Kabudu), Fullah friends SA, Nokutenda Disability Foundation, Relationship Australia PEACE, Ivorian community SA, AMRC, Families SA, Somalian Community SA people from Middle Eastern Communities.






We are already in contact with some of the men’s group and will be hosting future Men’s health related session around some of the issues raised in the forum.