Showcase Your Place in South Australia’s history

The Multicultural Communities Council of SA will again this year be partnering with the History Trust of South Australia to help MCCSA member organisations get involved in the History Festival. The History Festival happens throughout May each year and any group or organisation is invited to take part by presenting an event. The 2019 festival will begin with Open Doors: a weekend of events exploring heritage buildings and architectural history over 27-29 April.

The History Festival is your opportunity to share your community’s history with the public as part of a state-wide program.

Why get involved?
Taking part in the History Festival allows you to highlight the value of your community in South Australia’s history.

By registering, your event will be included in 230,000 copies of the printed History Festival program and on the official History Festival website. The printed program will be distributed through The Advertiser in early April, and to all libraries, visitor centres, councils and organising groups throughout South Australia.

Registrations are now open for South Australia’s History Festival 2019.

How to get involved:
There are many different ways to get involved. Events explore recent history, stories from many generations ago, and everything in between.
It is up to you how you run your event. They can run for the entire month or just an hour. Here are some suggestions:

  • Share a skill or pass on knowledge relating to your community or cultural history (cooking, art, craft, research etc.) for adults, children or both.
  • Create a display of photographs, personal stories and/or objects to share your community’s history and heritage with the public.
  • Lead a guided tour around a place (building, street, area) that is significant to your community.
  • Share stories (recent or over generations) of things like migration, living in South Australia or significant events.
  • Share your history and heritage through art or music, or another type of performance.

If you have a great idea for an event, discuss your event idea with us here at the MCCSA phone 83455266 or get in touch with the History Trust of South Australia at: mailto:[email protected] or phone 8203 9888

If you need a venue, the Migration Museum has some timeslots available in their event space during May. Please contact the museum on 8207 7570 to discuss dates and times before registering your event.

For more information about taking part, visit the History Festival website: