Helena Kyriazopoulos – CEO MCCSA
Media Release – 20/06/18

The Multicultural Communities Council of SA Inc welcomes the South Australian Government’s initiative to expand the out-of-school-hours language program beyond primary school level.

MCCSA CEO Helena Kyriazopoulos said language plays an important part in our life defining our identity and allowing us the ability to connect and communicate with one another. We believe an expanded language program in our schooling institutions will immensely benefit and enrich the 174 languages currently spoken in SA homes (2016 ABS report).

“Learning English is imperative for new migrants as it provides one with a sense of belonging and freedom to make informed choices in their daily lives and contribute to their local community,” she said.
“Equally important, communities should be supported to maintain their culture and languages. It is well known that learning a second language is a benefit.”

I congratulate the Education Minister John Gardner for introducing measures to tackle the decline of language education in our schools. Multilingualism is good for the economy. SA will reap a range of long-term rewards from this initiative, from more successful exports to a more innovative workforce, Ms Kyriazopoulos said.

“Being multilingual is a positive move as language diversity assists in business growth and today’s school children will have the intercultural capabilities needed to succeed in a globalised world.”

For further information: MCCSA’s Office – 08 83455266