Carers SA is funded by the Federal Government as the State Carer Gateway provider – delivering services for carers in South Australia.  MCCSA is collaborating with Carers SA to provide assistance for multicultural carers as part of the “Carer Gateway”. In particular MCCSA is assisting carers in the Indian community and Russian speaking carers. There are many services available through the Carer Gateway and to access these services, carers must first register which MCCSA can assist multicultural carers with.

Emergency Respite is however one Carer Gateway service which carers can access without registering.

The Carer Gateway is focused on unpaid carers who are caring for a relative or friend who is frail and elderly, has a disability, a drug or alcohol related problem, dementia, is experiencing mental illness, has a chronic health condition or has a terminal illness.

The Carer Gateway helps carers get access to information and advice on their caring role, free counselling services for one-on-one support with a professional counsellor and coaching services where carers can work one on one with a qualified coach to gain skills and resilience.







With tailored carer-directed financial packages, carers are also able to receive a range of practical supports to assist in their caring role, such as (but not exclusive to) planned respite, cleaning services, assistance with shopping or transport.  There is also emergency respite available when due to an emergency or unplanned event, carers are unable to support the person they are caring for, over a short period of time.

Peer groups are also available as part of the Carer Gateway where carers can meet with people in similar caring situations, share their stories, knowledge and experience and form social connections and supportive relationships.  In collaboration with Carers SA, MCCSA facilitates the Carer Gateway peer support groups for multicultural carers.

When carers contact MCCSA, we will invite you for a conversation to discuss some of the important areas of your life such as work, health, caring role, managing at home, finances, how you feel and if you have time for yourself.

After the discussion, we will plan for services that are most needed in concurrence with the carer and send this information to Carers SA who review and then arrange for the needed services.

A quarterly review is conducted to check if the services are helping the carer or if their needs have changed.

MCCSA’s aim is to support multicultural carers and help to make a positive difference in their lives.

To access the Carer Gateway services and support, please contact MCCSA to speak to Florine or Victoria on 08-82134607. Alternatively, you can email at [email protected] or [email protected]